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Emily R. Austin is a Canadian novelist. She grew up in St. Thomas Ontario, and she currently lives in Ottawa. Her novel “Oh Honey” was published in 2017. “Oh Honey” is a dark and funny book about a telemarketer named Jane. You can find Emily sharing pictures and talking about books here:  @EmilyRAustinAuthor or @EmilyRAustin.



A Confederacy of Dunces, The Bell Jar, The Catcher in the Rye, Lolita, Invisible Monsters, White Oleander, and Harry Potter. I know I listed more than one book.

I worked in a call centre for a brief hellish chapter and I wondered what I could do to make that harrowing part of my life story constructive (Oh Honey’s set in a call centre.)

Not many that are half written, but I find it easy to write the first 30 pages or so of a book so I’ve got about 15 beginnings.

I’m 27 right now. I was alive for 3 days in 1989.

You can find it at Chapters / Indigo, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, On Amazon, Book Repository, Booktopia and other places. You can usually request it at your library.


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