Oh Honey Book Launch

Oh Honey was released on July 20th, 2017. The book launch was at Oxford Books in London Ontario.

Oh Honey Book Launch – Sign of cover
Emily R Austin OhHoney
Reading Oh Honey
Reading oh Honey

Oh Honey Emily R Austin Book Launch

My sister Mallory




Hilary, Oxford Book shop owner

About the book: Sharp, funny, and dark, this novel is about identity and connection. Jane is a telemarketer. She uses a different name each time, and soon it becomes clear that she is calling the same man again and again. Each call is a new battle between them, with him becoming angrier and more threatening. But Jane isn’t calling him at random; Jane has a purpose; and Jane has a past which seems to change each time she tells it.

Oh Honey

You can order “Oh Honey” here, or pick it up at Chapters/Indigo, Barnes and Noble, or request it at your library if you’d like to. If you’re around London Ontario, get a copy at Oxford Books.

Thanks to everyone who came!



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